viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

Evolution of poverty in Bolivia: a multidementional approach

By:Werner L. Hernani-Limarino (Fundación ARU)
Paul Villarroel (Fundación ARU)

This document constructs a multidimentional measure of poverty for Bolivia based on the new 2008 constitution's fundamental rights, which can be measured in surveys; it also documents the changes in poverty observed in the last decade, in a multidimensional approach. Particulary, we extend the analysis made by Hernani Limarino (2010) on the evolution of poverty in monetary dimensions with a complementary analysis of five other non-monetary dimentions: access to education, short term social security (health), long term social security (pensions), housing and basic household services. The Analysis shows that non-monetary poverty has remained in high levels, and quite elusive despite the reduction in poverty according to monetary measures has decreased.
Keywords:Bolivia, Multidimensional Poverty.

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