jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2012

No Child Left Without: A Universal Benefit for Children in Brazil

No Child Left Without: A Universal Benefit for Children in Brazil, Sergei Soares and Pedro Ferreira analyse the current system of child benefits in Brazil, which features components similar to the Argentinean ones: a deduction per dependant in income tax, a contributory family allowance for formal sector workers and the variable benefit of Bolsa Família. Soares and Ferreira show how policy fragmentation in the current system leaves 16 million children that are in the middle and in the lower tail of the income distribution without coverage. The best way to improve the system, they claim, is to merge the three programmes and extend coverage to all children. The authors also discuss the additional costs of the programme for different level of benefits and its impacts on child poverty and inequality (click here for the Spanish version)
In addition to the five PRB described above, we also present two One Pagers (OP) that look at the Conditional Cash Transfer of El Salvador, Comunidades Solidarias Rurales (Solidarity Rural Communities).

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